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Everyone's Welcome

Everyone's Welcome

While there are some green shoots along the roadside in the uptake of EVs, if we don’t accelerate the change, by 2030 tens of millions of lives will be lost prematurely and billions more tons of CO2e will have caused irreversible damage to our planet’s air, at a cost of trillions of dollars for the global economy.

That’s why Motion Energy believes in sharing this unique new carbon credit platform with as many people with integrity as possible.

White-label our platform,
to create one of your own.

Whether you’re a large company or a small team, we openly invite you to set up your own project -- white-labelled off our infrastructure and accreditation -- and gather your own network of Partners and Changemakers.


You might be:

  • a fellow carbon project developer

  • a financial company

  • a policymaker

  • a community organisation

Whoever you are, our platform has been built with collaboration at its core, and we’re happy to share it with like-minded people who want to make a lasting difference in their communities.

Rather than starting from scratch, our platform can get you up-and-running faster, help you streamline your operations, and save you time on the road to eliminating transport emissions. Acceleration that our world desperately needs.

Interested in our Open Source initiative?

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